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Stupid Bitch! Rushing as a Sophomore Is Actually Super Fun and Will Not Make You Feel Lonely and Left Out!

Christina Davis/Pixabay

It's February, which means sorority rush season has come to a close. With that comes a year of angst and uncertainty for freshman girls who are following their mom's advice and "feeling school out before making a commitment." There are a myriad of questions that come with the wait until the next recruitment cycle, namely, what will it be like rushing as a sophomore? UTB talks with various members of greek life to get their take.

"Rushing as a sophomore is exactly like rushing as a freshman," says college junior and sorority president Addison McAllister. "You get so close to your rush class. It's the best experience, you're basically meeting your future bridesmaids! Yes, 90% of the rush class are freshmen, they will all do pretty much everything without you, and the only other sophomore is a little weird, but that's part of it!"

The fun doesn't end there. Ashleigh Morgan, college senior and member of an off campus philanthropic organization, wants to assure sophomores considering greek life that it's never too late to rush. "The traditions are still all there! Pledges carrying books around in a pizza box? Hilarious! Telling your friend that you had to swallow a goldfish and then getting a PETA lecture? The best! Just wait until they assign a super burnt out senior to be your big, and you just get a singular ballon tied to your dorm room door knob for big-little week."

Sorority sources told UTB that Panhellenic recruitment is for everyone. UTB concluded that there is no real difference in the freshman and sophomore rush experience...oh wait, you took a gap year? Girl, get out of here, you're way too old.