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CAPS Starts Therapy Group for Girls Who Rushed to Find “Strong Sisterhood”

Photo by Cindy Chen w/ edits Credit: Sophia Hernandez

Formal sorority rush officially drew to a close last month with an epic Canada Goose-sponsored bid day celebration at Franklin Field. While some girls ended up in the sorority of their dreams, others ended up in the CAPS lobby. 

Rather than address accusations and rumors of bid-promising and discrimination during the first in-person rush process in two years, the Penn Panhellenic board partnered with CAPS to create a therapy group for girls to emotionally recover from increased exposure to Glossier products

UTB sat down with a few members of this support group in an exclusive interview. Since the group’s inception two days ago, the girls have already formed close bonds and decided to create their own pseudo-sorority, titled in the typical Greek fashion: “Yo Gabba Gabba”. 

Wharton freshman Molly Flotchester initially felt excited to rush Theta after hearing from the sisters that “it’s just the coolest.”

“At first I thought all the girls were staring at my ass because they were admiring my winter break glute gains, but then I found out on Sidechat they were looking for the Lululemon logo on the back of my bootleg black leggings. Then I got dropped. That broke something deep inside of me,” Flotchester said. “I thought I was going to get to be the coolest too.” 

Nursing freshman Aya Caramba went into rush looking for close friends to share her culture with, as well as learn about theirs. 

“The open house Zoom round made me so stoked because the recruitment chair talked about how much they value diversity in their sisterhood,” Caramba said. “But then I went to the in-person sisterhood round and the only other POC in the room was the Diversity & Inclusion Officer.”

College sophomore Ryan Ricker said God led him to this group of supporting and uplifting girls. 

“I never rushed a sorority, but individual CAPS therapists are fully booked until May, so they told me to come here.”