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“Let’s Get Drinks After This!” and Other Ways to End Your Last Appointment After You Age Out of Your Pediatricians Practice

Photo by Pixels/ Ian Samkov/ Edited by Anna O'Neill-Dietel

It's probably happened to you. And if it hasn't already, it's about to. You're going about your life as a super chill undergraduate. Next thing you know you go home for the weekend, and you're stricken by an ear infection. Your mom urges you to go to your doctor. Let's face it. You probably haven't been in that office since you had to get a physical to play JV volleyball. The walls of the office are covered in murals of safari animals. There are framed finger paintings in the exam room. Some woman in her twenties looks at you and the kids playing in the waiting room and asks "Which one is yours?" 

But it's all good. You forgot how cool your pediatrician is. You chat about your doctor's trip to Greece, your doctor's new dog...you even get to talking about your classes. Riveting stuff. Doc is such a G! You get your amoxycillin script and go to the front desk. But then, the receptionist looks you up and down. "Honey, you've got to start seeing an adult provider, we don't see people over 21." You've outgrow your pediatrician's practice. But fear not. You can still keep this really fun dude in your life. So without further adieu, here's UTB's top ten ways to end your last appointment with your pediatrician. 

1) Do you wanna go to Top Golf? I’ve wanted to practice my swing all summer.

2) So there’s this college bar right next to my university, and they do this neat little thing called Sink or Swim, it’s a $7 cover for two dollar drinks! Super casual and fun. I can edit your Penn card online for you.

3) Have you seen Openenhiemer yet? I have an extra ticket. We can make it a Barbenheimer if you want.

4) I’m on this Quizzo team and we always miss the space and science questions. You have to come sometime! We meet Wednesdays. 

5) Wanna rent one of those IndiGo Bikes and bike around town? It's supposed to be so nice out this weekend.

So send out that When to Meet, sync your GCals, and enjoy your new best friend! But also you really need to find an adult provider.