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OP-ED: It’s Not Your Professor’s Fault That Your Academic Drive is Decaying like The Carrion of a Murdered Prey

Photo (With Edits) by Xbxg32000 / CC 3.0

Are we the root of the problem? Do we, as students, not appreciate the effort it takes for these professors to read the material they assign to us and read to us what we already know? The answer is yes, but with a twist. You’re the problem. Not me! I’m fine, and so are my sweet and beau co-writers at this publication. You’re the issue though, and you should really stop blaming others for it, it's not so chic…

I now pose an important question: have you ever sat in lecture and thought “why the actual fuck am I here?” while pondering all your other possibilities? I don’t mean this in an existential way at all, rather in a menial this person is not saying anything of value way. Perhaps you felt this way not due to the monotonous and non-related tangents your professor’s going on, but because your imposter syndrome is no longer illogical. It is time to consider that you are simply not built for this anymore, and that is not your bad-instructor’s fault.


*My professor actually just said something important and quite profound. My OP-ED was validated by the very class I was writing it in. Wow. Turns out old dogs can surprise you with new tricks after all.