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Thought Of The Day: I Want Liz Magill's Perfume

Photo By Dan Addison // (Edited By Abdullah Alfaresi)

The other day, I walked behind our beloved president Liz Magill. Her blonde hair shone as always, and she was quite poised. I had but one thought: “Wow! Her perfume’s so nice I can smell it standing 8 feet away from her." Maybe with enough money and alumni donations, I too will command the wind to carry my signature scent (Prada Paradoxe) all over locust. 


I want her perfume. Here, let me make use of you since you have enough time to be reading this: her perfume smelled a little like the old j'adoir and had hints of CH’s good girl, so idk? If someone reads this and knows what she uses (and this includes you queen Magill!) please let me know ASAP. 

Maybe it’s the press-pressure & controversy eau de parfum… now THAT is something I can say j’adoire to!