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QUIZ: Does Your Mom Actually Miss You or Does She Need to Find a Hobby?


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

Did she ask you if you slept well last night, sweet angel child? Does this sound familiar: “Text me when you are done with dinner. I love you!” 

Okay, girl……… it’s time to draw some boundaries. Take this quiz to find out if your mother needs to find a hobby so she can leave you the fuck alone or if she really, truly misses you.

1. What did your mother do today?

A: Clean the house (she's a woman)
B: Talk mad shit about Becky (her friend, also a woman)
C: Shop at Marshalls (she's a woman and it's 50% off clearance today)

2. How many messages did she send you in the past 48 hours?

A: Less than five
B: Somewhere between 5-10
C: One cryptic voice memo (about 3 minutes long)

3. So, your mom is upset because you haven't responded the millisecond after she sent you a picture of the new succulents growing in the backyard. What's the text?

A: "?"
B: "Your father and I are getting a divorce."
C: One cryptic voice memo (about 3 minutes long)