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Cathy Li


Erm… What Are We Supposed to Do At This Cafe • Bar • Restaurant • General Store?

Some things are more beautiful when they are left as ideas.

QUIZ: Does Your Mom Actually Miss You or Does She Need to Find a Hobby?

Did your mom send you three messages today that all say the same thing?

Suck It: The Two Genders Are Slay and Bruh

I am speaking my truth.

Swinging Both Ways! Weather Found To Be Both 1000 and -10 Degrees Simultaneously

Sweating and shivering, sweating and shivering.

Girl With Main Character Complex Finds Her Coming of Age Story Has Lots of Aging, Not Enough Coming

After binge watching all the Timothée Chalamet movies that she could get her pissy, grubby little paws on, she developed an unfortunate main character complex. 

Super Sad! Girl Playing Hard To Get Gets Nothing

What? She doesn't like it when you ignore her? Oh, poor girl :( BOO HOO :(

BREAKING! Toys R Us to Rebrand to Women B Shopping.

Women Do B Shopping Sometimes.

OP-ED: They Should Replace Amy Gutmann With a White Guy

The Girlbosses have taken it too far. We need an intervention.