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Nevertheless She Persisted! Girl Puts on Light Sweater in Cold Lecture Hall, Makes it Known


Photo by Pixabay (with edits)

In Mid-October, it can get rather chilly. Not cold, per say, but a frigid in between temperature, one that causes goose pimples to sprout and light sweaters to appear. The leaves are beginning to turn, and I begin to yearn for a time before the one we are currently experiencing as of now. 

Mid-October, oh Mid-October. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. 

Seasonal changes can be upsetting. Nearly last week, our shoulders were bare, hearts full. Our minds were complacent in the steady temperature of each day. We reveled in simplicity, bathed in banality. No longer. Mid-October has crept in, spreading mild discomfort, one of my least favorite types of discomfort. The future is grim, reality is ever so slightly cold.

When will this nonsense end? I wake each morning (completely refreshed and in full glam), put on a supple vintage leather jacket, only to be greeted by the bathing sun a mere two hours later, causing me to strip down to my very first layer. Nighttime soon engulfs the northern hemisphere, welcoming back the cold. It’s the inconsistency for me. 

Lucky for us, the light sweater is here and ready to play. Cold lecture hall, be gone. Git! We are armed with light sweaters and light sweaters we shall use. The striped ones from Brandy Melville. Gigi Hadid brand cashmere. Aritzia cardigan. Unbranded. 

Soon it will be winter. The nights will lengthen, the days shorten. Our light sweaters will turn to heavier ones. Wool, even. For a moment, we will look back at our light sweaters, searching the depths of our souls for gratitude. None will be found. The heavy sweater will prevail. Super Puffs for all, and for all a good night.