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I’m Surrounded by Fakes: “Friend” Posts Picture of Me on Instagram Before Getting My Approval (Like Actually WTF?)


Photo by Delia Rivera

Imagine this: you’ve just woken up after a rejuvenating, restful sleep and go on your phone to do your morning Instagram scroll (duh) and instead of the carefree morning activity you are expecting, you’re greeted by the most heinous, revolting, almost sickening photo of yourself on your feed. You can't fathom it. You must still be asleep —it's just a nightmare. 

Lucky you, you get to just imagine this hellscape. Well I LIVED IT. And just to add fuel to the fire, she didn’t even tag me!!! The disrespect is palpable. It’s almost like she didn’t want me to see it; like she knew exactly what she did. She knew. 

Chill morning RUINED. I had to spend it spam-texting my “friend” to see what she was thinking. Because apparently common decency doesn’t exist anymore — news to me. Like not to be vain or anything but I can’t support a picture of me on a public platform (where I don't even post myself) where I look like an actual troll (no I’m not being dramatic, stop thinking that). Call me vain if you want but I know you would do the same. 

And the worst part: she thought it was funny. Can you believe it? Funny. My own public humiliation, a joke to her, my so-called “friend.” I think that was the worst part. I am done being humiliated, heck, I won’t stand for it no more!

She took it down, thank god. I forgive but I most certainly don’t forget. I don’t know if our friendship will ever get back to where it was before the incident. I can only heal so much. 

Take this as a lesson: social media is rotting our brains and ruining our friendships. Be warned; you might be next.