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I Know She Saw It: Coco Gauff Posted on Her Instagram Story But Didn’t Respond to My DM

Credit: Carey Salvin

Let me set the scene. 

The day: whatever day the game was.

The time: a point after the sun had set.

The place: my couch.

Coco Gauff had just won the US Open Championship… match. *I have to say “game set match” in my mind every time.* 

My compatriots and I were filled with such joy we broke out into song! The national anthem, that is. We sang it so well that when the people on the TV did it, I got kinda bored. So what else would I do other than have some Instagram time. 

I really love going on Instagram after major sporting events because a lot of the people I follow reveal themselves as massive fans of the sport. So crazy that they're not saying anything during qualifying rounds. Performative much?

Regardless of the disdain I developed for fellow users, I did get something out of my time on the app. I followed Coco Gauff! Just one little tap of the follow button granted me hours and hours and hours and hours of content from her story.

Throughout this time, I learned something: she's actually really good. So I decided to let her know! Swiping up on a story of her posing with her new trophy, I commented: “you did that.

Unbeknownst to me, that little bitch (read: fantastically successful and impressive athlete) just doesn't give a fuck about the beautiful things I have to say to her. It's been many days. MANY posts to her story. And still nothing about my DM.

I hope all those people know that even if they repost her graphics on their story, she still doesn't care.