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Bless Up! After Googling a Word I Realized That I Did, in Fact, Use It Correctly


Photo by Maya Kreger

Malaise: noun

"a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify"

My nose was stuffy from smelling that perfume. This malaise is unjust, unwise, yet tempered. I am more than my malaise. Maladies come and go, they are ephemeral, like sandcastles in the beaches of Portugal during a bout of stormy weather. Malaise, now that's permanent, like the carbon that makes up our earthly form. 

The space between my eyes feels tired, like an old woman tending to her garden, collecting herbs to make a stew for her ever expanding family. Her back aches with malaise. It spreads to her hands, they are weathered from a life of labor. 

This wifi on this Amtrak is poor. I can hardly work on my very important school business. Each month passes by, yet the same malaise of academia ceases to waver. I can and will distract myself with freshly squeezed mint lemonade, or a foreign film screening, but the malaise is there when I get back home and crawl into my crisp sheets at night. 

I see you. We are one in this journey of healing. The malaise of time wistfully running past us is a universal experience. I can hear it in the conch shell of life, feel it in the polyester blend sweater we all know

It’ll be ok, just keep saying it until it’s true. This malaise isn’t our defining feature. It’s merely a constant in the dystopian society we’ve found ourselves to play a minor role in. See you in another life, one where malaise is outlawed like those European kinder eggs …`