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“Yes, Chef!” and 19 Other Annoying Things I’m Going to Start Saying This November

Photos from Pixabay and Matt Dinerstein/ FX with edits / CC0
  1. Yes, Chef!
  2. Under his eye.
  3. I miss my ex-boyfriend.
  4. Yep, I actually grew up there! Isn't it weird that I don’t have the accent?
  5. Girl, where are your boots?
  6. November? I hardly know 'er!
  7. Why were there loose pills in my The Real Real Package?
  8. Thanks, it’s because I’m in Tri-Delt!
  9. He didn’t want to do long distance.
  10. This glow is allll natural!
  11. Congrats on your Virtual Insight Series!
  12. Have you ever been to Kalaya?
  13. Forest Hills is a lovely stadium - I love the open air concept. 
  14. How ‘bout them apples!
  15. I mean, I would have done long distance.
  16. Want to know my PAC code?
  17. Need a Tide Stick? I have five spare.  
  18. It’s only a two hour train ride to New York.
  19. Did you hear? I’m getting two minors!
  20. I just miss our friendship.