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“Oi Mate, I’m Also From Manchester” Says Freshman Rushing Castle From Cleveland


// Photo by Nicholas Fernandez

As students danced and sang along to Bad Habits [Meduza EDM Remix] last Saturday night, some took mimicking Sheeran’s accent too far. “Oi mate, I’m also from Manchester,” said Eric Trillo, a freshman actually from Cleveland. “I just love being an international student!” continued the Rust Belt student.

Trillo reportedly kept up his faux-accent throughout the night, alternating between a Scouse, Scottish, Welsh, and, at one point, an incredibly offensive Vietnamese accent. Those who watched the event reported that Trillo is “definitely getting a bid now.”

By the end of the party, Trillo had apparently endeared himself to the brothers.  “Vee just cannuh štand dis blasé américå, no fréè ealthcare, no cîgaréttesss, comé onn,” Trillo said in a thick vaguely European accent amidst the cheering of brothers. 

When questioned for comment, the brothers only had good things to report about the now-international Trillo. “It’s just nice to be with one of your own,” responded a Castle brother from the Philadelphia Main Line.