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Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Transforming The Space

Photo from Weitzman School of Design, edits by Carey Salvin.

Oh, hey there! How are you today? Good? That’s great. Me too. So fantastic, I am. Nothing wrong today.

Yes, I’m serious. No, haha, this time I’m serious for real! Life is good… life is great… all’s well!

Well all’s well aside from… ya know… the space.

This space just needs transforming. Do you see what I mean about the space?? It’s dark. It’s a dark space. Is that the only problem? No.

There are no windows in the space. The music is too loud. The projector is too bright, especially given the lack of windows in the space.

The VIBES of the space? RANCID. Like I’m sorry but how am I supposed to be a diligent student in a space that has vibes as rancid as this said space?

A “design” class in this space is actually bullshit. Like I’m sorry but I just sit here in this space tip tapping away on a computer. Yeah, occasionally I get out my own computer in the space and tip tap away on that. Am I doing that right now? No… haha… of course not. Not in this space. But in this space I cannot create good work. Sorry but that's just how I feel in the space.

Anyways next week I’m bringing cookies to the space. And they're gonna be freshly baked. Omg but that means I’ll need an Easy Bake Oven in the space. And a trivet in the space! To rest the cookies on, in the space! And a butcher block table in the space! AND A NOOK TO EAT THE COOKIES IN THE SPACE! AND A BEAN BAG IN THE SPACE!! AND A SUNSET LAMP IN THE SPACE!!! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE IN THE SPACE!!!! 



Also by the way theres an image attached with some ideas I have for the space. Also pictures of me how I think I might feel in the space.

You know who else is welcome? My roommates. Love you guys. I transform that space. I decorate that space. And how am I repaid? By the decorations I so kindly put in the space being removed from the space.

I did a survey. My population was everyone. My sample was everyone who had been in the space. They said I really improved the vibes of the space. It was because of the decorations in that space. Those decorations which are no longer in the space

Well this is my character arc right here. The apex was the fantastic decorating I did in the space at home. And now the part that is lower on the arc is me attending design class in this space in the basement. But then there will be another arc where I transform THIS SPACE.