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Valentine’s Day Miracle: I Have Recitation With the TA I’ve Been Hooking Up With

Photo Credit: Carey Salvin

Ah, the joys of youthful enchantment! Upon the ide of February, my beloved and I shall once again meet. Hear ye, hear ye may the ever changing tides join today in the vast wilderness of Claudia Cohen Hall

I am no longer fueled by the childlike appeal of “mandatory attendance”. My soul is caught aflame by the Google Slides template you selected upon this splendid Wednesday.

I would walk the Bridge Over Troubled Waters (38th Street) to hear from your lips emitted the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Why yes, fair assistant d’ teachér, though I fear the pressures that radiate from Problem Set One, the hour amidst 3 and 4 on Wednesdays wraps me in a warm blanket of your love. 

A blanket of love not dissimilar from the one that embraced me on the first Wednesday of this very semester, a beautiful evening following a magnificent soiree at the institution of Smokey Joe's. Your gleaming visage, akin to your profile picture on Canvas of the World Wide Web, would not loosen its grasp on my attention.

But then again it was just that one time. Like yeah I knew I recognized you from somewhere but it was the first week of class so cut me some slack. 

Oh but heavenly father, in the wee hours of the weekly Wednesday, the motivation you provide me in my Linguistic trials are blessings upon my heart. The mere dream and fleeting hope of reunion drive my legs on their journey. Would you still be interested haha