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Israel Agrees to Ceasefire So Long as Palestine Renames Itself to Palestein


cc // DALL-E

As many of you have heard from your primary news source (Sidechat), there is currently war abroad in the Middle East. While you have heard compelling arguments supporting Israel and Palestine from experts at the top of their fields (socialist girls and frat guys who have taken one poly sci class), breaking news shows that there is new information regarding the conflict. Although these experts love to use buzz words and information they learned from reliable news organizations (TikTok), the information has been proven incorrect. 

New studies have just been released that believe these two parties are actually warring over the title of the country. In a release by the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu states “That shit hella anti-Semitic yo,” while talking about the name of Palestine. 

Palestine, the choice is in your hands.