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“Mad Beautiful,” “Dumb Fire,” and Other Adjectives to Let Her Know You Appreciate the Finer Things in Life This V-Day


With Valentine’s getting closer and closer each day, it can be nice to have an arsenal of vocabulary ready to let that special someone know that you are a refined individual. Below is a list of some of my favorite descriptors for when you take your lil shawty to such special spots as “down by the river,” “a quiet little nook in the woods,” and “my favorite museum.” 

  1. “Mad beautiful” as in “damn, those rose bushes are like, mad beautiful huh?”
  2. “Dumb fire” as in “woah, damn, this view is actually dumb fire.”
  3. “Chill as hell” as in “babe, I just gotta let you know, your uncle Tony is chill as hell.”
  4. “Lowkey tuff” as in “I wasn’t sure when you suggested we hit the thrift store named after AIDS, but some of the sleeveless tees in here are lowkey tuff.”
  5. “Colorful and shit” as in “I always thought Monet’s garden was gay, but I actually fuck with how he makes it all colorful and shit in this one.”
  6. “Hella nice” as in “yooo, that squirrel is hella nice with the nut storage, you peeped that?”
  7. “Organized chaos” as in “from what I had seen before, I found Haring’s works elementary and undetailed, but now I see how he develops a sense of organized chaos through a sort of copy-paste process with slight differences in each figure.”
  8. “Type time” as in “Nah for real tho, you peeped me with that black puffer on some A$AP Rocky type time?”
  9. “Type vibe” and “off rip” as in “Damn this restaurant nice as fuck, they hit us with that warm bread type vibe off rip!”