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New Year, New Friends: My Fridge Became Home to 20 New Organisms During My Time Away


I always look forward to returning to my off-campus apartment. It has every comfort of home from 4-legged friends to floor boards on which these 4-legged friends sound like elephants. It’s just so pleasant. The thought of my home sinking into the ground will always provide me with some sardonic pleasure. Maybe then, I can file to break my lease?

While I was prepared for the best, what I found upon arriving on January 15th far exceeded my expectations. After a whirlwind of flight delays, I could think of no better way to relieve myself of my toils than by drinking a nice big glass of Brita-filtered water. I had filled my Brita before leaving and subscribe to the belief that water lasts forever, much like generational wealth. I opened the fridge and what did I find?

None other than 20 new organisms ready to test my knowledge of fungi and zoology. I sifted through my pickles and found maggots engulfing the jars. The mice had found the cheese, classic. The moths were swarming my intermittently functional fridge light. A new set of morels had begun to sprout from a set of button mushrooms I had previously purchased at Trader Joe’s. What a delightful sight! 

I had feared the loneliness I would feel after returning from a break on which I’d spent next to no time alone, but was pleasantly surprised that I was anything but alone. My bed, too, had become home to bed bugs.