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Amidst Rising RSV Cases, Pottruck Gymbros Are Requested to Wipe Down Mirrors After Solo Make-Out Sessions


Photo Credit // Pexels

The dense air in Pottruck reeks of sweat, but it is a fragrance of self-love. Nothing is more important than valuing yourself, feeling good about your appearance, and being comfortable in your own skin. Pottruck gymbros are the masters of that mindset. A recent interviewee, "Sigma Brad" (C '24) shared with UTB that he has never felt more appreciative of his body: "Look at me man, I’m huge, what’s not to like," he said while valiantly fighting the urge to admire himself in the mirror. Following this heroic act, he proceeded to make-out with the mirror. 

While some may label gymbros like Brad as narcissistic, others see them as pioneers of self-appreciation. Penn Recreation Centers are of the view that this behavior should be encouraged. Yet, they also care about the well-being of students. 

Amidst rising RSV contaminations, sanitary wipes, disinfecting spray, and hand sanitizer have been made available next to every single mirror, and reflective surface at Pottruck. The campaign ‘Spread the love, not RSV’ is yet another effort to contain the virus without infringing on the self-love. 

Next time you hit the gym, and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, take the time to look longer and remember to spread the love, not RSV.