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Model UN Staffer’s Phone Filled With WAY Too Many Videos of Underage Kids

cc// Christina Prudencio , Christina Prudencio

Two weeks after chairing the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (ILMUNC) – a national Model UN conference for high school students around the world – college junior Ria Ferdu still has WAY too many videos of underage kids on her phone. 

Ferdu, who chaired a crisis committee, shared how her experience doing Model UN in high school led to her continuing her passion in college, helping the next generation of UN members and taking WAY too many videos of them in the process. “In high school, some random girl in the grade below me had to drop out because she got pregnant. It was a huge scandal. That’s why my crisis committee simulated an unexpected pregnancy in the aftermath of Lollapalooza – the kids loved it!”

Ferdu’s phone is filled with videos of minors singing karaoke, dancing, passing resolutions, pretending to give birth, and other various acts the children's parents remain unaware of. “It’s nice to take these videos so I’ll always remember them. They’re like my babies.” said Ferdu who only spent three days with the students and will promptly forget about them a month and a half from now.  

At press time, college sophomore Chase Dreyton was explaining to us his saved videos of twelve fifteen-year-olds playing twister: “We told the winner they’d win outstanding delegate.”