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Open Letter to DP Editors: Who Cares? Spell Pharaoh.


There’s a myth, nay, a rumor, circulating around the office. A misconception that this publication needs to take itself seriously. What the fuck! 

I think we place way too much emphasis on professionalism when it comes to working in this company, because some of you guys have not read a textbook in years, have tax evaded, have no sense of identity outside of the company and can’t speak in public and yet every morning there you are looking at yourself in your full length IKEA going ‘you’re so hot! You’re the most professional girl in the world!’ Ok and? Even if that were true, and let’s be honest, erm… who cares? Spell pharaoh. Tell me what having fun is like. Name a single other hobby of yours outside of media creation.

Exactly, not hot! Now, watch this video: