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Forbidden Love? This Senior in a Top Frat is Emotionally Manipulating a Freshman

cc// Katrina Itona

As date nights come and go, darty interactions fade from memory, and situationships ghost you, Penn can seem like the antithesis of love. However, cheer up! Remember that true love DOES in fact exist: this senior in a top frat is emotionally manipulating a young freshman girl!

All you need to do is gaze upon this beautiful couple to feel inspired. Watch how they walk down Locust Walk hand-in-hand under the cool spring breeze. Then, remind yourself that Penn is a home for couples as you watch the knight in shining armor (a fifth-year senior) escort his young princess back to her castle (310 EF Smith in the Quad). 

The senior, Brent Collingswood, can’t wait to get laid after his date night this Thursday. The freshman, Lillian Defernou, can’t wait to celebrate her 18th birthday next week with her favorite guy. He said he’ll take her to the nicest restaurant he can find (Louie Louie)!

She’s totally in love. He briefly stopped snapping other girls out of respect. Who said true love can’t thrive at Penn?!