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Ramadan Kareem! J. Larry Jameson Leads Friday Jummah Prayer in Efforts to Address Penn Administration's Islamophobia

Photo By Derek Wong / The Daily Pennsylvanian (Edits by Faresi)

Every year, I look forward to the month of Ramadan. Iftars, suhoors, and melodramatic Arab TV shows. Ah, what a joyous time of the year! Coincidentally, and in our contemporary moment, it also aligns with the release of UTB’s Joke Issue.

I can have my cake and eat it too. Well, after sundown, that is. 

So you can imagine my disdain for this University for ruining that this year. How can I host my Iftar gathering and celebrate these occasions with the rising anti-Arab and Islamophobic rhetoric on campus? This is a serious matter that I attempted to address on all fronts. Thus, using my platform as a contributor to the satirical arts, I scheduled a meeting with J. Larry Jameson.

Barging in through the Penn administration offices, I demanded to be heard. But what I was met with shocked me far more than Liz Magill’s response to Islamophobia and Antisemitism did. I saw him holding the Quran. He shared with me that he wished to revert, so he assembled a committee of Arab/Muslim students. It was his goal all along. After reciting the Shahada, he vowed to lead Penn’s and West Philly’s communities in a Friday Jummah prayer in front of College Hall.

That is how Jamal Al-Latif Jaabir restored peace to the prestigious institution that is the University of Pennsylvania. Mashallah, سبحان الله.

Note to editors: Is he ever going to form that Anti-Arab and Islamophobia task force? No? Just the Antisemitism one? Oh ok.