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New Quaker Day Activity Showed Parents Where Their Children Will Later be MERTed

cc//Sukhmani Kaur

SUNDAY, PHL – In an effort to make incoming students feel more acquainted with their future campus, this year’s Quaker Day included a new activity: showing families the locations that their child will be MERTed next semester. 

“There was something immensely comforting about it,” said incoming freshman Sasha Lerner, “By seeing Biopond now, I can at least pretend to remember what it looks like when I get MERTed there later.”

“It was super cool,” said Quaker Day father Sam Kuler. “I even got to meet the cop who’s gonna accost my belligerently drunk son and ask him five times what his real name is.”

Families reported especially enjoying the reenactment hosted by the MERT staff entitled “This Will Be You.” Representatives from Pulse nightclub, the Playroom, and the inventor of champagne and shackles also were present for questions.