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TV Show Celebrity Decides One Year On Campus Pretty Much Enough For Him

cc//Daily Pennsylvanian & edits on Canva.com

Despite his original excitement about getting a “true college experience,” this TV show celebrity has decided that one year at Penn was just about enough for him.

“I don’t know,” he told us. “I think I kind of experienced everything this school has to offer. Like once you go to Pool and Magic Gardens, is there really any reason to stick around anymore?”

Sources close report the celebrity was also disappointed in the lack of assistant, personal stylists, and craft services on campus. “He was very accustomed to craft services,” says one source, “He really was disappointed at the lack of craft services. You’d think for an Ivy League school we’d have craft services – at least for the students who really matter.”

Students on campus expressed their dismay on hearing the news. “It’s really a shame he’s gone,” said Wharton sophomore Derrick Tylerberg. “I never really spoke with him, but I liked telling people I did when they asked if I went to school with him. What a flex.”

As our campus celebrity leaves, students will have to settle for telling their friends that they go to school with a politician’s grandchild instead as their new party trick back home.