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Passover Gone Wrong: These JVP Members Are Being “Passed Over” in Their Grandparents’ Wills

cc//The Daily Pennsylvanian

This Passover, just as the Angel of Death passed over each Hebrew home, smiting the first-born sons of Egypt, these JVP members are being “passed over” in their grandparents’ will, smiting their inheritance. 

Students reported receiving texts, emails, and stamped letters from their grandparents after their JVP involvement became known to their families: “I’m divesting you from the lake house, Rachel” read one email.

Another student reported his grandparents were “boycotting his visit to Palm Beach this summer.” 

“I just didn’t think it was that big a part of their identity,” said Jacob Stein (C '25) whose grandparents fled Poland in the 1940s for a nation they believed was their only hope for salvation.

Other students reported being unaffected from their grandparents' disapproval. “I'm glad the bandage has been ripped off,” said Isaac Flescher (W ‘26). “Now I can finally inter-marry guilt free!”