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New App Allows Girls to Leave Yelp-Style Reviews for Pledges Who Bring Them Food or Complete Favors

Credit: David Akst

Plelp is a new app developed by SEAS junior Jared Parrel that allows girls to rate and review, Yelp-style, the fraternity pledges that deliver food and drinks to them for Big Little Week.

When asked how he thought of the idea for Plelp, Parrel pointed to his personal connection to the project. "Two years ago, I was pledging a fraternity. I was specifically asked by many girls to stop giving strip teases. According to them, I was awkward and hard to look at," explained Parrel. "The hurt and disgrace I felt eventually subsided, and the experience forced me to become more normal and good looking. This gave me the idea to create a forum for girls to share more comments like these, which would help other girls know which pledges should be requested and which should be avoided on Penn's campus."

Users of the app can comment on a range of topics, including the quality and punctuality of the service and overall appearance of the pledges. Based on these reviews, Bigs can choose which pledges they would like to approach their Littles.

One commenter, under the username ThotTheta, gave Michael Orlen (C'20) from Omega Alpha Theta Mu Epsilon Alpha Lambda (known as Oatmeal) one star. "I have never had a more disappointing serenade in my life. Michael was off pitch and messed up the lyrics of the third verse. On top of that, Michael was pale and lanky and I didn't like him. Do NOT recommend!" posted the user.

We tried to contact Orlen for comment, but his roommate told us that he has dropped out of school and is living at home with his parents, where he is intensely training his voice and trying to get a tan.

Reviews of the pledges aren't always negative, though. Jeremy Christianson (C'20), a new member of the off-campus fraternity known as Monkeys, is the highest rated pledge of 2017 (so far). With 48 reviews and average rating of 4.5 stars, Christianson has become somewhat of a local celebrity on Penn campus.

Reviewer PhiPhriend penned a glowing recommendation, saying, "Girls have to request Christianson months in advance, but he does not disappoint. He arrived at my door looking so fine in joggers and a hoodie before my 9 AM. Then, he walked me to class at the perfect pace. The way he said 'your big loves you' before he walked away had me weak in the knees. Ladies, grab him while you still can. It won't be long before he is a sophomore and realizes that Penn and Long Island are the only two places he is cool and can no longer hang out with you."

Parrel sees a bright future for the app. "Girls can review pledges outside of Big Little week, as well. After date nights, study sessions, or just about any form of interaction with a freshman male, girls can use this app to rate the experience. Before mixers, girls can check out the reviews of pledges. I think it can really shape up the male population on campus," declared Parrel. "I just hope I don't get sued by Yelp."