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OP-ED: Check Out My Shirt! It's Like an Expensive Brand But My Frat, Haha


Photo by John9474 / CC-BY-SA-4.0

I’m Bradley, a sophomore in Wharton from Greenwich, CT studying finance. I joined my Non-Hazing Fraternity last winter, and my buddy Jake is doing a sick job as Vice President of Frocket Tees, Coozies, and Croakies. Actually, check out the shirt I have on right now. It’s like an expensive brand but my frat, haha.

I post up wherever I am: crushing midday brews in front of my house on Locust, pretending I know how to use Excel in Huntsman 380, getting my Pottruck curls in, you name it. But when I’m wearing my “designer” frat tees, I post up even harder. Not only am I a white male coming from unfathomable amounts of wealth, but I feel like one too.

From far away, people are probably like, “Damn, he looks good in pastels and can afford Vineyard Vines.” But then up close, they’re like, “Damn, he looks good in pastels, can afford Vineyard Vines, and is a cog in this school’s hierarchical social machine.” I just love that.

I can’t wait to order everything in our monthly apparel orders until I graduate. Maybe I’ll even follow Jake’s footsteps and help design the merch next semester. VPFTC&C would add so much to my resume. Actually, do you have any connections at Gucci? I have so many ideas.