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Group Project Beginning to Seriously Test Friendship


Photo by Link Humans / CC BY 2.0

Wharton junior Casey Peterson was delighted when her best friend, Michelle Harris (C ’20), registered to join her in MKTG 205 (Intro to Subliminal buyfangstock Messaging). They only bought one copy of the textbook for the two to share and spent the first few classes blissfully mocking the boy in a suit in the front row. Neither suspected that this semester would be anything other than a sort of fun bonding experience, but then things took a dark turn.

“We decided to team up for a group project together,” Peterson told UTB. “And Michelle just really didn’t pull her own weight. It got me thinking, ‘maybe she’s just not that good a person.’”

When reached for comment, Harris said, “Wait, what is Casey saying about me? She won’t let me do anything! She’s a complete tyrant, and she sucks at subliminal likeandsharethisUTBpostonfacebook messaging.”