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Two For One! Gutmann Making Life More Difficult For Private Landlords And Students At The Same Time


Rendering from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects / Courtesy of The Daily Pennsylvanian

 Wow. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Amy Gutmann’s new Second Year Experience program, officially announced today in a campus-wide email, requires all sophomores to live in on-campus housing starting in 2021. 

Of course, we expect any email coming from our President to announce changes that make life more frustrating and difficult at Penn. But to also make life more difficult for private landlords? Brilliant.

President Gutmann has already proven her skills at making unilateral decisions that disappoint students and extract their money. But her decision to apply the same bulldozing greed and hubris to other Penn stakeholders is so creative, so innovative, it totally justifies her massive annual salary increases.

So, here’s to you, President Gutmann! We know how much you care about your undergraduates. If you close our study spaces or underfund our mental health resources, you will surely find a way to worsen someone else’s life too. Because you care. Whether it’s refusing to pay Penn’s fair share of PILOT payments to the Philadelphia government, building a dormitory on the little remaining campus green space, investing in energy companies that destroy the environment, or policing the perimeters of campus to keep West Philly locals and the homeless out, we know you’re standing with the students by fucking up someone else’s life just as much as ours.