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This Just In! IPhone's Panorama Mode Saved Jenny from Being Cut out of Group Photo


Photo from flickr / CC by 2/0

It started out just like how every group photo does: two ladies taking a photo. Then a third woman inserts herself into the shot. A few more weasel themselves into the growing crowd. Then naturally Brooke thinks to herself, “hey, if Melissa’s in this picture, then why the hell am I standing on the sideline?”

And thus, a cluster of women throwing their limbs every which way comes about. But uh oh! Jenny Schwartz (N ’19) was in the bathroom. She tries to slip under Lauren B’s kicked up leg, but to no avail. There’s no room for her in the core of the picture; she is ushered to the outskirts of the group.

She thinks all is lost until she sees Lauren M’s shimmering iPhone 10. Schwartz shouts across the crowd, “Lauren! Use the panorama feature!” All is saved—Jenny will make the Facebook cover photo—or so she thought. Schwartz logged onto Instagram the next day, and, to her dismay, she was cropped out of every single post.