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OP-ED: Let's Try Planning Fall Break For Months, Drop the Ball And Just Get a MegaBus to NYC, I Guess


Photo by Secondarywaltz / CC0


Hey pals, what’s the haps? I know we’re still rotting away in the offices at the jobs our parents so graciously awarded us, but we NEED to do something fun for fall break this year. I was thinking Amalfi Coast? Maybe Dubai? I’d also be down for Sydney! It’ll be so simple to arrange a quick little weekend trip with my best friends.

End of August

Hi everyone! So maybe Australia for three days was a bit ambitious? Dubai is probably on the top of our price range too. No worries, though, let’s brainstorm other options and then see what we come up with! North America is stocked with hidden gems.

Beginning of September

So... not too many responses to my last text. We could def just add on to a friend’s res in Vegas if we want to do that, but we could just mix with Theos on campus instead. I have friends in LA and Seattle we could visit! Or maybe an Airbnb in Austin? Nashville? Chicago? Let’s get hype!


LOL, still not much agreement on where to go. We REALLY have to book something ASAP. Flights are getting expensive, and my horoscope said I would make a spontaneous decision this week. My Pisces senses are tingling hard. We need to act fast, ladies! 

Fall Break

No one ever fucking speak to me again, you non-committal pieces of shit. Who’s calling the Uber to 30th Street? Big Apple bound, I guess.