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Tearful Reunion: Mark Graduated Last Year But Came Back To Represent His Company At The Career Fair


Photo by Hccougar / CC-ASA-2.0

Get the tissues ready. This one’s a tearjerker.

Mark Portman (C ’18) graduated last year. His younger friends thought they would not see Mark until homecoming.

But then a miracle happened.

Mark’s company asked him to represent their firm during On Campus Recruiting.

We know. How freaking cute is that?

Mark texted his friends this adorable message when he got to Penn: “Hey guys, I’m on campus for the career fair if you want to chill.”

And it gets even better.

Mark’s friends texted back. The group got together. And they all went to Smokes together. 

Mark even agreed to hand their resumes to the hiring officer at his company! 

This is definitely one of the most heartwarming stories we’ve ever heard. We are OBSESSED with Mark and his friends! SHARE if you also think Mark and his younger friends are adorable!