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Gotcha! Fraternity Makes Citizen's Arrests at Champagne and Shackles


pxhere/ CC0 Public Domain

Earlier this week, freshmen received invitations to a "Champagne and Shackles" party. Flyers were slipped under their Quad doors, saying all they needed to bring were a fun date, a nice outfit, and two forms of legal Identification. It was a strange flyer, but hey, Penn's a party school right

Freshmen arrived at the house at 10:30 p.m. on a Thursday. Once inside, brothers recorded their names, permanent addresses, and driver's license numbers, assuring them that this happened at all cool fraternity parties. 

After about five minutes of fun, however, the music cut off, and the fraternity's president addressed the crowd. He reminded the partygoers that they were all under the legal drinking age, and therefore their consumption of alcohol was against the law. Between eyewitness accounts and security footage, the President informed the freshmen that he had enough evidence to make a citizen’s arrest. 

Already in handcuffs, the group was led outside in pairs, where a Penn Police Officer was waiting. We thank the fraternity for setting this up," the officer said in a statement. "But we're still a little thrown off...are citizen's arrests a real thing?”