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Junior Develops Penn Course Notify but for Mint Pods at Wawa


Photo (with edits) by natalie419 / CC BY 2.0

Because Mint JUUL pods are, objectively, the superior-tasting nicotine delivery mechanism, it is no surprise that these puppies constantly sell out at Penn’s central Wawa. At the location on 38th and Spruce, these pods have been sold as quickly as 15 minutes after being restocked. 

Penn students take pride in finding a way to monetize even the smallest needs. Lily Roberts (E ’20) saw this demand, and immediately started writing the script to make a PennCourseNotify-like program but for these nicotine buzz boats. 

“Personally I don’t smoke or vape or whatever,” Roberts shared. “I’m trying to live past 30, and to do so comfortably, I’m going to need to start paying off my college debt pronto. I saw that my friends blew through these suckers in less than a day, so I knew I had to capitalize on their weakness.”

For only a one-time $5 fee, students can subscribe to Roberts' email service. Considering that students pay $20 (without tax) for just four of these pods, students like Brian Burns (W '21) see this as a “pretty sweet deal.”

“My frat, Iota Upsilon Upsilon Lambda, doesn’t have pledges yet, so I can’t rely on the constant servitude of freshman to get me my nic buzz,” Burns complained. “This service has been super helpful.”

Don’t be the last to know. Subscribe to this email service today and never again have to buy crème brûlée.  

Article sponsored by Mint Pod Notify