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Sophomore Who Enjoys 'Philly’s Unique Atmosphere' Really Just Likes Smell of Weed


Photo from Public Domain Pictures / CC0

Some have a soft spot for Geno’s Steaks. Others are enamored by the skillful brushstrokes of yore at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

But sophomore Julie Atkinson fell in love with Philly for a different reason.

Originally a Denver native, Atkinson has held a deep love for the quintessential Philly ambiance from the moment she first set foot on campus.

“I just fell in love with Philly’s unique atmosphere, you know?” Atkinson mused, slowly and deliberately. “Like the, uh, Rocky steps? Or that…big bell…that everyone seems so riled up about. Hey, do you have a light?"

Atkinson claimed that the city’s deep and rich culture was one of the major reasons she wanted to attend Penn. After receiving her letter of acceptance to the College, Atkinson was excited, albeit a tad worried about adapting to life away from the Mile High City she calls home.

“I remember visiting campus last year and being really afraid,” Atkinson said, with a faraway look in her eyes. “But after moving into New College House and sniffing that glorious, dank hallway air, I knew I would fit right in.”

A year into her Urban Studies program, Atkinson has already amassed a wealth of knowledge about the city and its subtle smells.

“Hey, did you know Ben Franklin actually invented smoking weed? That's so crazy!" Atkinson exclaimed between coughs. 

These days, Atkinson can be found sweating anxiously as guards search her backpack at Van Pelt. Bless her heart.