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Freshman Unsure If She Should Stay Friends With Hall Until After Group Halloween Costume


Photo by Becky Molinoff

Now that it’s October, Halloween is probably the only thing anyone is thinking about. Besides the pressure to find a costume that is both funny and slutty, there’s the importance of having a good group costume. Haley Zhou’s (W ‘22) freshman hall has been brainstorming ideas for a group costume since day one, so she’s confident that it’s gonna look great. The only problem is, Haley isn’t really feeling the group anymore. Sure, they were great to hang with during NSO and go to the dining hall with in the first few weeks of school, but now she has real friends to do those things with.

“The convenience of being friends with my hall has sort of dwindled,” Haley told us. “It’s like, I laughed at my next door neighbor’s jokes in the beginning because I wanted to be part of the group, but now I just think they’re kind of sexist.”

Haley has been tracking both her closeness with her hall and her excitement to be a part of the group Halloween costume. As a Wharton student who plans to concentrate in statistics, she knows that these current trends will continue until Halloween.

“It’s actually really simple— I just drew a trend line through the points I’ve already plotted and my expected data points during the next few weeks,” Haley said. We didn’t care about the graph as much as she thought we would.

“I guess I’ll probably do the group Halloween costume since I’ll need several costumes anyways. Plus, Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, so who knows? Maybe we’ll have two Halloweekends this year!”