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Geology Professor Cuts the Bullshit, Hands Everyone an A on the First Day of Class


Photo from pixabay / CC0

Students in GEOL 104, Rocks and Sand, were met by a pleasant surprise on Tuesday when they received an email from CITsender. The Grade? An A+. For everyone in the class.

Professor Bert McGurt said that though his move was unorthodox, it really wasn’t anything new. “These kids all knew they were getting As without doing work anyway,” he said. “I’m honestly just getting out of doing the useless work of grading tests and making powerpoints. But actually, my powerpoints are just pictures of rocks I found on Google Images."

The students who took the class were supportive of the decision. “I would have had to walk a total of twenty minutes over the course of the semester to get to the exams, so it’s a big relief McGurt cut out the formality and just gave out that A early,” senior Gabriella Jenkins said.

It goes without saying that we hope this is the beginning of a university-wide movement.