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Gutmann Plans to Bulldoze Plaza on 38th and Chestnut to Build New New College House West North

Photo by Cindy Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Goodbye Koreana, hello Second Year Experience! After announcing mandatory on-campus living for all sophomores beginning in 2021, Gutmann has made moves to open yet another dorm—New New College House West North. 

Assistant Vice Provost of On-Off-Campus Life Marshall Sanders explained that after allocating highrise field for New College House West, they were forced to get “more creative” with space for additional residential halls.

“We could have built it in place of one of the five new Wharton buildings, but... that’s just too easy,” Sanders said. “Instead we decided to evict some local businesses, maybe enter a few lawsuits, and bulldoze an entire plaza. Anything for the students.” 

Many students have criticized this project. Most see additional on-campus housing as unnecessary and do not support the displacement of the plaza’s business owners. 

College sophomore Anthony Remington is especially sad to see the hub go. “Why can’t we just get rid of the dental school? There are thousands of dentists in this world, but only one Abner’s Cheesesteaks.”