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Guy Who Skipped All His 9AMs Was Actually Extremely Sick


Photo by Simon Kellogg / CC BY 2.0

Tyler Stones (C ’21) has missed every single 9 a.m. class this semester. It’s not for the reasons you might think, though.

Although an avid partier and laid-back when it comes to school, Stones has been out with a bad flu for about two weeks. And he has the SHS documentation to show for it. 

“It’s unfortunate because I was looking to change things this year. I missed all of my morning classes last semester, and I didn’t want it to continue,” Stones clarified. 

Some of Stones’ professors were impressed (to some extent) by his honesty, especially during a time in which many people have skipped morning classes due to degeneracy

“The kid really cares—honestly, maybe a bit too much. I keep on getting emails of Course Absence Reports and Student Health Services notes. I mean, who actually takes the time to do that, especially when sick? Eh, hope he gets better soon,” Professor April Donahue, Stones’ Math 114 lecturer, said. 

Stones was later seen with symptoms of nausea and nasal congestion at a 9 a.m. pre-game.