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Junior Who Stared Down Group as Harnwell Elevators Closed Actually a Nice Guy


Photo by Georgie Pauwels / CC BY 2.0

Ever stared into someone’s soul while the elevator doors are closing? Tyler Liu (C ’20) knows that feeling all too well.

A serial finesser of high-rise elevators, Liu has made himself an enemy of the people. 

“I dislike that guy a lot. Every time I’m walking towards the elevators, he just stares at me and then disappears,” Emma Nichols (W ’21) said. 

No matter how indecent the act may seem, the man behind it isn’t all that bad.

“I mean sometimes I’m just in a rush. But I don’t really mean to do it, the doors sometimes just close on their own. I actually feel pretty bad about it,” Liu told us.

It turns out that Liu is a really nice guy. He told our reporters about his community service efforts to tackle inequities in education, and how he’ll often share his notes with his classmates.

Next time you see him in Harnwell, keep that in mind.