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Freshman Boy Who's Been 'Lifting All Week' Frustrated Pottruck Employees Still Don't Recognize Him


Photo from pxhere / CC0

Derrick Thompson (C ’22) has been pumping iron all week, and for what reward?

“The Pottruck employees still don’t recognize me,” Thompson lamented to UTB. “I’ve gone almost every other day for a week, and they treat me like I’m just one gym goer out of thousands. It’s offensive, honestly. Maybe they just don’t recognize me because of how swole I’ve gotten. That’s probably it.”

“People think that I’m so tough because of my ripped physique, but I need validation just like anyone else,” Thompson continued. “How am I going to muster up the energy to do three sets of twenty reps every other day if the guy at the front desk won’t acknowledge my work?”

Thompson is proposing a new initiative among Pottruck employees to pretend to verbally recognize anyone who comes into the gym. “I think it would really help morale in the gym if we knew that someone other than ourselves cared about all our effort, and I think it should be coming from Pottruck’s employees.”