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Senior Walking and Mumbling to Herself Not Actually on Phone, Just Has Imaginary Friend


Photos from Pixabay / CC0; by Bruce Mars / CC0

To the outside observer, Olivia Murdock (C ’18) appears just like any other student milling down Locust: earbuds in, chatting away blissfully on the phone.

But the excited dialogue and gesticulations which students thought were directed to a friend were actually meant for a more unlikely partner.

“So later I’m gonna have to make a Wawa run for OJ—you know how I love the stuff,” Murdock told her imaginary friend, a fluffy, Gritty-like abomination named Bobo.

Murdock met her imaginary friend in her Quad single while lamenting having to eat at Commons alone for the third time that week. “When Bobo first hallucinated through the doorway I thought it was just Amy completing her morning rounds around campus,” Murdock recalled. “Only after talking with him did I realize we were basically the same person.”

Bobo now accompanies Murdock from class to class, where he has gained quite the positive reputation among students and staff. “I never thought I’d be saying this, but Bobo is amazing,” communications professor Jobin Etheridge mused. “He’s a great listener and by far contributes the most to class discussions.”

Bobo has been awarded graduate student status and is now embarking on a degree in Folklore and Folklife in an attempt to reconnect with his roots.

Godspeed, Bobo!