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Correction: Racist Comments Taken Out Of Context of Longer Racist Rant


Photo by Tony Alter / CC 2.0

As a respectable news publication, Under The Button has a firm commitment to true and honest reporting. With this in mind, we must put forth this correction. 

Earlier this year, we reported a story about racist comments at a fraternity party. First hand witnesses claimed that senior Teddy Stiffman made several derogatory remarks about a group of Indian students during his shift on door. It has come to our attention, however, that these comments were taken out of context.

We reached out to Stiffman for a statement to clarify the situation, who said, “People think I just hate Indians now. Do you know how hurtful that is? I dislike all minorities equally and if you looked at all my comments from that night you would have seen that.” 

Given new information on the situation, UTB can confirm that Stiffman did not target Indian students. He made racist comments to all people of color. Stiffman treated all Indian, black, Asian, Native American, Latino, and Middle Eastern students who approached the door with equal disrespect and prejudice. The whole of Stiffman’s actions and words that night present a different story than the comments which we took out of context, and this distinction needs to be clear.

UTB apologizes to Stiffman and will work to make sure this type of error is never repeated.