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Scandal: Guy Who Made Your House a Chore Wheel Just Put His Plate in the Sink and Walked Away


Photo by Rex Roof / CC-BY-2.0

Wow. Good luck explaining this one, Kyle. I don’t think anybody in your house is going to trust you again for a long, long time.

Kyle Goldberg (E ’18) lives in a house with six of his friends. When they moved in, Kyle insisted they set up a chore wheel and divvy up responsibilities around the house.

Mike Petrano (E ’18) is one of Kyle’s housemates. “When we moved in, Kyle was super focused about keeping the place clean,” Mark grumbled. “He made us have a house meeting in the middle of NSO to make this chore wheel.”

But then last week, Kyle did a 180 and casually left a dirty plate in the sink, walking away without a care.

Mark was the one who noticed Kyle’s bad behavior. “We were eating together at the table,” Mark said. “I think Mark was eating pasta. I’m not sure. No, it was pasta. Yeah. It was definitely pasta. He was eating pasta.”

That’s when Kyle got right up, sashayed to the sink, deposited his dirty dish, and made his Irish exit. “I was shocked,” Mark said. “Kyle is the only one who pretends to care about this stuff.”

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