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Quiz: Which One of You Thinks Your Time Is Worth so Much That You Can Leave Your Tupperware in the Sink?


Photo from Flickr / CC by 2.0

1. Whose dirty Tupperware is in the sink?

a. Yeah that’s mine. I was up all night debugging my code. You can’t blame me there bro: school always comes first. But even though I have enough time to meal prep for the next six months, I don’t have the 30 seconds it takes to wash one, singular item of dishware.
b. Listen buddy, I was exhausted after my day at OCR. Do you not understand how important the work that I’m doing is? Of course, it’s my Tupperware. But, dude, it’s one extra dish. Just wash it with your stuff. You’re being kind of selfish if you ask me.

2. So, you’re cool with leaving your Tupperware, coated with ranch dressing, in the sink for all the gnats to feast on?

a. I mean, yeah, I am. I have nine hours of class tomorrow and 18 hours of homework to complete, so I think I have to right to not give a shit.
b. As long as I look slick (in my Brooks Brothers suit), I don’t really care about the state of our shared home at all! Also fam, my cohort and I made an app for this exact scenario so if you wanna invest then you let us know. 

3. Are you at least going to clean it now after we’ve talked?

a. I’m pretty busy right now. Of course, it was my choice to triple major in physics, computer science, and chemistry; however, that doesn’t mean I don’t have work to do. Yes, I am aware that washing one dish actually takes zero time, but come on, are you doing anything right now? Didn’t think so, English major
b. Hey, my man, I think it would be beneficial for all of us to hire a cleaning service. We’ll split it three ways so it won’t even be that expensive. In all honesty, I grew up in a house that had multiple maids: I’ve never had to clean or wash something in my life! 

Mostly As: You entitled asshole. You did this to yourself. I loathe you so.

Mostly Bs: You spoiled, spoiled person. Your spot in Wharton and your wealth don’t make your time worth more than mine. I loathe you so.