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Up and Coming Stand-Up Comedian Masters Standing, Ready to Start Writing Jokes Any Day Now


Photo by Earlandez Young / CC0

Fans of local stand up comedian Zachary Smith witnessed a milestone event in his career last Saturday, during his eighth solo set. For the first time since his career began, Smith managed to remain standing through every single joke—not once did he collapse onto the floor, or stumble into a nearby chair or go careening into the unsuspecting arms of people seated in the first row!

“I’m pumped,” Smith said after the show. “There was one point where I started feeling faint, and I started getting a little worried. But I told myself, ‘Zach, no!’ and I was able to remain upright.”

“Definitely saw him wobble a couple times,” one onlooker reported. “I counted at least four separate times that he almost pitched into the wings before recovering.”

Another audience member expressed her fear that Smith would be moving away from his hilarious, physical comedy routine and into a more traditional, verbal joke-based format. “Quite frankly, Zachary’s jokes are not funny,” she said.

Her fears may unfortunately come true. When asked about any future plans he may have after this monumental achievement, Smith indicated that he would be directing his focus towards more writing, now that his bipedal stability has been nearly perfected.