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Mortifying: This Student Accidentally Called Her Professor 'My Wife' in Borat Voice


Photo by Skssoft / CC BY 2.5

Calling your professor "mom": it happens to every college student at some point or another, and it never fails to humiliate all involved. Fortunately for Tara Skolnick (C '20), she made it through a solid two and a half years without ever making this particular gaffe.

Unfortunately for Skolnick, though, the gaffe she did make this week proved to be far worse. She accidentally called her professor "my wife" in Borat voice.

The incident occurred Monday as Skolnick's chemistry class was reviewing for a midterm. "I meant to say 'Professor' to get her attention and ask a question about the equation on the board," Skolnick explained, her face draining of color as she recalled the harrowing memory. What came out was both unmistakeable and inexcusable.

"I said, 'Excuse me, my wife! What's the coefficient for x-squared?' And there was no turning back."

"It was rough," said Travis Ledbetter (C '21), another chemistry student who witnessed the scene. "The professor waited a second and visibly collected herself before turning around and answering the question like nothing happened. I got secondhand embarrassment just watching it all unfold."

Nearly a week later, Skolnick has moved past that fateful Monday and remains positive about her standing in the class. When asked to elaborate on how she thought the rest of the review session went after the "my wife" incident, the student, with two thumbs up, responded, "Very nice!"