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Sophomore Mistakes Listening to New Brockhampton Album for Having Actual Personality


Photo by Cpl. Emmanuel Ramos / CC0

Wow! This music connoisseur seems to really know his stuff! 

Alvin McDavid (C '21), who is best known for having listened to the 2011 smash throwback hit Pumped Up Kicks "before it was mainstream," has just discovered a new musical masterpiece upon which he can base his entire social media presence—Brockhampton's Irridescence

Having discovered the hip-hop collective all the way back in August, McDavid knows a thing or two about their music. Now he's posted a screenshot of the album cover as his Instagram story for the past 16 days, each with a different thermal background.

Unfortunately, it appears as though McDavid has succumbed to a classic misunderstanding— falsely equating his interest for this album with an actual personality and unique perspective on art.

"No guys I swear this album totally represents me as a person," claimed McDavid. "The vibes, the beats, the flow, all of it is just so... what's the word I'm looking for... IRIDESCENT!" 

Now having lost any meaningful shred of a personality that he had left, the music genius is riding the wave of this album until the next album with a cool cover is released (or literally anything by Drake).