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OP-ED: The Weather Kind of Sucks No Matter What It Does, Right?


Photo by David Williss / CC BY 2.0

It’s cold out!!! But then again, it was kind of hot a couple days ago, and that was kind of annoying too. No one should be drinking pumpkin spice lattes in shorts and a crop top: it’s oxymoronic. 

You know what’s even worse? Rain. Or, worse still, when it’s just humid all day. Humidity is the worst thing weather can bring (other than, like, hurricanes and cyclones). The air is too saturated with water, and you can’t even sweat to cool yourself down. It’s the worst. At the same time, I do hate when it’s hot and dry. You can just feel the sun scorching on your skin, and sunscreen makes me break out. There’s nothing worse than skin in summertime. Unfortunately, my skin in wintertime gets super dry, so I have to put on really heavy moisturizer, which also makes me break out. There’s also nothing worse than skin in wintertime.

But anyway, do you guys wanna hang out on the grass outside VP later this week? I heard it’s really gonna be beautiful out.